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Are You a Successful Professional Woman Who Knows...

  • You are on the cusp of a breakthrough
  • You have a big vision and you know you are meant for great things
  • With your phenomenal skills and drive, you are ready to take your success to the next level and prioritize yourself, your family, and your health
  • It is time to upgrade your standards for even more success and end the cycle of 60 hour work weeks and mental exhaustion from never being able to turn off from work
  • You are done with having to make tradeoffs between your career and your personal life and you are no longer available for anything less than a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career
  • It is time to make your dreams come true and create a life of success and satisfaction
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Own Your Genius and Catapult Your Career

If you are a successful professional woman who is ready to fully own your brilliance, and have the deeply rewarding and fulfilling career that you desire, this transformational journey for you.

Hi, I’m Lisa McPhee

I’ve spent 20+ years helping women just like you move into a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career without sacrificing their success.

This is what I know to be true…

You deserve to have a career that lights your heart on fire; a career that makes you feel deeply fulfilled, appreciated, and is in alignment with your values; a career that pays your desired salary and supports the glorious life you were meant to live.

If you are not there now, that’s okay. I’ve got you!

Lisa McPhee

Lisa McPhee
Tara Lynne F. Corporate Leader turned CEO

I find it hard to put into words just how much Lisa McPhee has transformed my life. It has truly been an epic 360 degree transformation. I feel a fire in my life that I haven't felt in so long and I know that I've connected to my true purpose. If you have a dream or imagine a life much different than you have today, I highly recommend you connect with Lisa. As she says.. Now is always the right time to take that step towards your dream and make it a reality.

Arezoo I. Management Consultant Global Technology Firm

I could have not been promoted to the Manager position if it was not because of Lisa's encouragement. While I have probably been qualified for a long time, I was fearing rejection and waiting for that never-coming perfect moment. She built such courage in me that I pulled off a great promotion case within 2 weeks just before the deadline - something that usually takes a couple of months and I got it! I am forever grateful for her strong and genuine women leadership and enthusiasm in helping me.

Gisselle B. Management Consultant, Global Tech Firm

Lisa’s career coaching helped me navigate what it takes to find a new job and having the mindset to achieve what we know we want and deserve. You can try to do this yourself, but it helps to have a community pushing each other to reach our potential. It helps to have a coach that keeps you accountable for your growth and continues to help you have the mindset you need to keep you on track. And finally, we spend money in everything but ourselves and our career growth. Invest in yourself every now and then, it will teach you steps to land your next career, but it will also teach you how to navigate life in general with a positive outlook. I am excited for the next step of my career and thank Lisa for her coaching and her friendship.