5 Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job

I’m going to guess that, because you’ve clicked on this blog post, you’re probably dreaming about quitting your job. There are many signs that can point you to when it’s time to quit your job, but I’ve narrowed down the list to my top five personal favourites. I suspect some of this will resonate with you.

1.      On some level, you hate your job. Do you find yourself ALWAYS complaining about your job? Do you dread being at the office? Does the thought of getting up every morning and getting ready for work make you despair? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s may be time to start planning an exit strategy. Life is too short to constantly feel this way. I’m not saying that if you have a bad day (or even a bad week!) that you should quit your job. But if you‘re waking up every single work day with a constant feeling of anxiety, then you need to quit your job.

2.      Your job is affecting your health. I probably should have made this number one, since we all know that our health should be our number one priority. If you are noticing that you are sick more often than other people around you, that you always have a headache, that you always seem to get a throat infection before a big presentation, or that you’ve gained 30 pounds in the past year alone because you never have time to cook or work out anymore, this is your body telling you that it’s time to quit your job. No job is worth sacrificing your health and well-being.

3.      You can do your job with your eyes closed. If you’ve worked at your job for a while, chances are that you’ve automated more than a few processes to make your work day more efficient. If you’ve reached a place where you are not challenged and growing in your job, or you find yourself bored out of your mind after lunchtime because you’ve done everything you need to do for the day in only four hours, it’s time to quit your job. All high achievers crave mental stimulation and if you have reached a place in your job where you are no longer stimulated and growing, it’s time to move on.

4.      Your work environment is toxic. Is your boss a terrible leader? Are the people you work with constantly complaining? If you’re surrounded by negativity or the person to whom you are directly reporting is making your day-to-day work environment unbearable, it’s time to quit your job. Being surrounded by negativity is terrible for your well-being and you deserve better.

5.      You are always justifying your job. Do any of the following sound like you? 

“I know I’m underpaid and I’m never going to get promoted but the benefits are great.”

“I hate my boss but I love my clients.”

“I hate my job but I’ll never be able to get paid the salary I’m making anywhere else.”

 “I’ve worked my entire life to get to where I am in this career. I can’t afford to start over now.”

 If any of this has you raising an eyebrow and wondering how I got so far into your head, it’s because you know, just as I know, that it’s time to quit your job. You can (and should!) find a job that makes you feel fulfilled and stimulated, with great pay and great benefits and a work culture that is aligned with your values.

If any of these 5 signs resonate with you, it’s time to start creating a plan to quit your job and move along to your next adventure. I’m not suggesting that you do anything impulsive and quit your job tomorrow, but it’s time for you to start thinking about the life you want and how your job and career contributes (or doesn’t) to that life. If your current employment situation is sucking the life out of you and taking away from the positive, fulfilling and rewarding life that you want and deserve, it’s time to make a change.

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